Phone Expense Management

Do you have a telecom or phone expense management team? Do you have control of all your phone expense?

Can you supply us with the following:

  • Detailed list of all your locations
  • Detailed list of all lines and circuits
  • Detailed list of every feature applied to each line and circuits
  • Detailed list of each function of all circuits and lines
  • Usage for each circuit and line (traffic report)
  • Detailed research conducted on fees for each listed above
  • Telecom contracts reviewed and analyzed with data above
  • Analysis of tariffs for all above
  • Detailed records of all orders placed within your telecom department

If your company doesn’t have the above research completed on a monthly basis, you need to consider phone expense management to lower your telecom phone expense.

Auditel has mastered telecom phone expense management and can take your phone expense management to another level. We reduce your bills by reviewing them both with contracts, CSR record analyzed, and site evaluation statistics gathered and analyzed. Each bill is analyzed then audited with tariff to produce money saving results.

Does your Telecom Manager have time for bill review? Most telecom managers we have met are busy keeping their systems up and functioning with little or no time to view the telecom bills and contracts.

We work together with your Telecom Management team to take as little of their time as possible making your telecom bills reduce month after month with some very substantial refunds too!

If you don’t have a phone expense management team we can work with your site managers and help you in maintaining accurate records, bill order processes and ways to eliminate waste.

If you have had auditors in the past we challenge you to give us the opportunity to test our skills. If we don’t identify billing errors and produce recommendations that will reduce your bills there is no fee.

Our phone expense management produces results you can see month after month and we prove our savings.